FormEncode Internationalization (gettext)

author:Gregor Horvath <gh at gregor-horvath dot com> 2006

There are different translation options available:

Domain “FormEncode”

for standalone use of FormEncode. The language to use is determined out of the local system (see gettext documentation Optionally you can also set the language or the domain explicitly with the function.

example: formencode.api.set_stdtranslation(domain=”FormEncode”, languages=[“de”])

The mo files are located in the i18n subdirectory of the formencode installation.


A custom _ gettext function provided as attribute of the state object.


A custom _ gettext function provided in the builtin namespace. This function is only used when:

Validator.use_builtin_gettext == True (True is default)

Without translation

If no translation mechanism is found a fallback returns the plain string.

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