Things To Do




November 05, 2023

  • Add a parallel to Pipe for the Any compound validator that performs validation for each validator to python from left to right.

  • Make a test fixture for validators, to make testing really easy.

  • Consider moving htmlfill to ElementTree or another DOM-ish structure, instead of HTMLParser. Or re-implement with another parser but same interface.

  • Generate Javascript for validators, for client-side validation (when possible).

  • Relatedly, test and give recipes for Ajax-ish validation, when fully client-side validation doesn’t work.

  • Better tests for htmlfill and htmlfill_schemabuilder.

  • Include at least one good documented form generator. Consider including rich widgets (Javascript).

  • Seperate out doctest_xml_compare, maybe (useful in any doctested web test).

  • Make doctest_xml_compare work with wildcards/ellipses. Maybe with non-XHTML.

  • Some more ways to build validation. Validation from docstrings or method signatures.